"I need a doctor who understands me and can answer my question NOW..."

May be, you are not a citizen of that country.

May be, you just don’t have a doctor you know there yet.

May be you do not have health insurance in the country where you live.

Just to ask questions to a Doctor at an urgent care center might cost you hundred or even thousands of dollars

Besides, they very likely will have no one who speaks Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and other indian language

Typically, they will not be familiar with your nutricional habit or your culture

This is why we created

"I need a doctor I can trust"
...someone who understands my language
and is there when I need help
Chat continuously with a doctor in India

Ask questions with complete confidenciality and security

Share documents, pictures, videos, test results and all you need for the doctor to help you

Opt-in for video-consultations

From your WhatsApp

No need to install apps or use computers

"My family can reach a doctor whenever we need "

... and I do not have to be in India

° Chat and follow the advise of your doctor
° If you need a doctor where you are at, we can connect you
° If you need a local prescription, we can help you get it, in compliance with local laws where you are, with the help of a doctor licensed where you are
° If you need further treatment where you are, we can help guide you to a service that can help you
"3 Day Doctor Chatwith a Doctor from India"
PatientNexo© facilitates a 3 day  chat with a licensed doctor from India, via WhatsApp. All communications are kept under Hipaa compliance with private health information compliance. You can securely exchange with your doctor and his/her team, documents photos and videos. You also has the option of initiating Video-consultations*

* There is additional cost for Video-consultation. Rates are set by specific doctor you see.

Just $9.99 USD
Some of our hundreds of doctors...
"The doctor you need 
and when you need it"
This is a limited time offer
No Risk Warranty!
We offer a 30 day money back warranty if you are not satisfied with the services offered by your doctor. No long term contracts!
Take advantage of this Offer NOW!
YES!, I need the 3 Day Doctor Chat
Just $9.99 USD
"3 Day India Doctor CHAT "
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  • Contact and orientation by PatientNexo© por medio de WhatsApp o servicio de texto telefónico
  • Direct access to the doctor assigned based on your need
  • 3 days of chat, file exchange, image video delivery and more, all through your WhatsApp o text messages
  • Additional services option include video-consultations with your doctor, Aditional doctors referrals, prescriptions and more
Today Just $9.99 USD

Special Offer - just $10: Stay in touch with your doctor for a full week without interruptions. Includes the chat, files delivery and constant communications with the doctor and his/her care team.

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